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Welcome in our Electronic Solution Shop !

For now, orders for the Spectrum-Projet Module are postponed untill further notice. Thank you for understanding.
For those who are using Spectrum® DX18 or DX10 with Telemetry I designed and build interface module between PROJET ECU Hornet III ® and Spectrum Telemetry TM-1000 module. Now you can see vital data on DX9 / DX 18 radio under JetCat menu, as for now, Spectrum® doesn’t has submenu for ProJet Hornet ECU.

Picture of The Module Picture of The Module

Module comes with all wires and Installation instructions. You just will connect module between the Projet Hornet III ECU ® and Aux PCB and other connection will be connecting to the Spectrum ® TM1000 Telemetry Module.
Also just in case that mudule needs to be updated, you just send it back (you will pay the shipping back) and I will ship the updated module back to you free of charge include free shipping back.

Please check the video if you are interested to see how module is working.

Price for module is USD$55.00 plus shipping. Please send me a request for shipping quote E-mail and I will email you the quote. If you want to buy it I will send it to you PAYPAL(verified Member) invoice, so you can pay safely.

Custom Designed Electronics:

We also specialize in small custom electronic design. We do anything from re-designing old products into new versions with hi-tech parts, or your own creative idea’s. In our designs we use mostly microcontrollers from the ATMEL® company. We can arrange a small production of prototype series (manufacture up to 1000 pc’s). If you are not sure if we can help you, just drop us an E-mail.

Repair Services :

Also in St Marys, ON, Canada we provide service (repair) of your electronics at convenience to you at your place that include maintenance (repair, upgrading, rescuing data) for Computers, Repairing/Upgrading Playstation3 also Playstation2, and any special electronics or electric equipment. Contact us with question from Contact Us Page. Thank you.

Our motto: Our job is our Hobby ! Do not hesitate . . .

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